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How To Clear Pores Naturally

Even more than smoothing out wrinkles, how to clean pores naturally is the greatest concern in maintaining the beauty of your face. How to cleanpores naturally is one of the most important questions in everyday health and beauty maintenance.

Cleaning pores naturally is the concern in maintaining the attractiveness

It's amazing the amount of people don't know the single, most important rule for keeping pores from becoming too noticeable:

Don't wash too much.
Starting in the teen years, many people clean their faces as if clogged pores or enlarged pores could just be scrubbed away. The sad fact is, over-washing is the one thing most people don't know about how to clean pores naturally. Over-washing actually makes issues with skin pores worse.

If you cleanse your face by vigorously rubbing it with a washcloth, or, worse, a scrubbing pad, you easily can damage the delicate linings of pores. This can cause a healthy pore to bruise, or a clogged pore to rupture. Either way, lesions result.

Vigorously scrubbing your face also lifts tiny flakes of dead skin which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but that bring about an unequal matte on the face. It's easy to smooth out any rough texture of the facial skin with cosmetics, but this is a sure-fire method of creating blackheads and whiteheads.

The invisible flakes of dead skin lodge on the openings of pores and trap oily sebum inside. There may or may not be an overgrowth of bacteria plenty of visible pimples and painful skin inflammation, but the pore can simply be submerged by growing skin, causing a whitehead, or the tight, tiny plug of oil in the pore can oxidize, causing a blackhead. Either way, too much vigorous washing and washing too frequently can actually make problems with pores worse.

So how to clear pores naturally?

How do you open clogged pores and shrink enlarged pores? Washing the right way is the base of the process, although there are several other practical steps that allow you to keep the texture of your skin smooth and attractive with at the least fuss. Here are seven hints that will help you cleanse your skin in the right way to manage enlarged or clogged pores.
1. Wash your hands before you wash your face, and never touch your face with a dirty washcloth, towel, or pad. You don't want to put oil and dirt back on your face after you take them off.

2. Apply cleanser to your face with clean fingertips, not a washcloth. The kind of cleanser that will keep your pores open depends on whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or you don't have any particular skin issues. Dry and sensitive skins react badly to cleansers that include essential oils and artificial scents. Oily skin needs an oil-rich cleanser. For many people, however, ordinary soap and water actually works just fine.

3. Pat your face dry. Don't rub your face dry. You don't want to rub soap film, dead skin, or various kinds of debris into your pores.

4. Moisturizers are important for keeping skin healthy whenever the air is dry, even for people who have naturally oily skin. Moisture and oil aren't the same thing-you can have too little moisture even when you have too much oil. Moisture keeps small pores from getting clogged, but too much moisture can keep enlarged pores open. If you need moisturizer and you have enlarged pores, make sure you moisturize only in the evening, not the morning. That way your pores will be at their largest while you are sleeping, not during the day.

5. If you use foundation beneath makeup, be sure to use matte or ultra-matte. The purpose of matte and ultra-matte foundation is to keep the texture of the skin smooth. Pores are filled in. Foundation also keeps oil from seeping from other layers of makeup to fill already-enlarged pores.

6. If you have light skin tones, you can make enlarged pores less visible with a very simple home remedy: Milk of Magnesia. A light dab of Milk of Magnesia on an enlarged pore not only keeps it from getting filled up with more oil, it helps the pore blend in with the rest of your skin so it is unnoticeable.

7. Little black specks in enlarged pores are not blackheads. They are actually dirt. If your regular cleanser leaves little specks in enlarged pores, consider switching to a cleanser especially formulated for your skin type, dry, oily, sensitive, or normal. Sometimes the problem is that your cleanser "slips over" the pore without ever coming in contact with the dirt. The oil in your cleanser needs to match the oil in your skin so that the dirt will come up.


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